Sunday, 6 March 2016

Hermanus P & B roof Feb 2016

Queen post truss with collar tie.

Close up of a collar tie - rhs of the truss.

Just a quick thanks to Evan for the site photo's, all the team work makes it possible.  Oh and you certainly won't find me up there with my camera!
80 x 80 spruce rafters bringing the roof together.

Hermanus, post and beam roof Feb 2016.

The one and only P&B custom made roof rack (you can't buy these at Midas!).
 Spruce trusses leaving the Framing Yard, on their way to site

Claremont, collar tie trusses.

Simple collar tie trusses

Trusses are glued and pegged.  Pegs were sanded flush in order to conceal them. 

A french chalk wood wash finish was applied to the spruce.